Warranties at Auto Source LLC

Extended warranties are like insurance, you hope you never need them, but if you do they typically can and do save you money in the long run. When you purchase your vehicle, you may want to consider one based on your planned length of ownership. While any extended warranty may seem expensive at the time of purchase, they typically pay for themselves for long-term owners, and some even have a buy-back clause that makes them a "can't lose" investment.

Maintenance may be pricey these days, but car repairs can be even more expensive. If you have only one big repair bill that is covered by your extended warranty, an automatic transmission failure for example, then your policy just paid for itself. Repairs to transmissions are frequently close to the cost of a remanufactured unit, which can easily be $2000 or more to replace.

Either way we have maintenance and extended warranties built for almost every situation or driving habits. We offer these plans as an option to you and can recommend one that best fits your needs.

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